Abel Rivera and Gustave Guajardo

Since participating in a bareback spit roasting session, word has gotten around that Gustave Guajardo has a big dick and that he's eager to fuck raw. When Abel Rivera heard the news, being the cock whore twink that he is, he immediately wanted a piece of the action. Bored and already stripped down to his underwear, he walked in on Gustave, who was quietly reading but unable to concentrate as all he could think of was sticking his cock in a tight, pink hole! Abel chows down on the curved, juicy piece and slobbers on Gustave's meat before impaling himself (like a good Latino whore!) and riding Gustave down to the balls. The bareback twink bounces around, clearly enjoying the pressure as his own big curved dick is fully hard! Gustave flips Abel onto his back, throws the skinny twink's legs up in the air and slams home, fucking the cock whore until he’s ready to deliver a big, tasty load in a creamy cum facial.

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Flaco Sandoval and Blanco Vega, Part 1

Flaco Sandoval and Blanco Vega are out in the woods on military training but the only type of training these two are interested in is getting off! Not that they need any training for that. They obviously already know what to do. Blanco, who's gotten a whiff of the cocksucker in his army buddy, grabs Flaco's hand and places it on his crotch. With very little coaxing, Flaco is soon groping Blanco and getting him hard. Blanco whips out a juicy, uncut piece and face fucks Flaco, thrusting into his mouth as if he were using a toy. It doesn't take long before Flaco is deep throating the curved cock as if he'd been doing it all his life. After a while, Blanco returns the favor, chowing down on Flaco's thick uncut tool. And you can just imagine the musky scent of his balls after being out in the woods all day. This is only part one and for those of you with an oral fixation, it's just that…dick service. So if you're into anal, stick around for part two, coming soon!

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Peter Peterson and Leo Cooper

Having popped Peter Peterson’s cherry and introducing him to raw anal sex, Leo Cooper can’t stop thinking about his bareback twink neighbor. Nor can he stop thinking about how badly he wants to have sex with him again! So, one afternoon, while Peter’s parents are out, Leo wanders into the apartment and into Peter’s room. He flops down into bed and after chatting, they get down to business. This time, however, instead of getting fucked, Peter wants to know what it feels like to sink his fat dick inside Leo’s hot ass. Peter can hardly believe his luck, or so it seems, as he pulls Leo’s cock out and starts sucking like a champ, the way Leo taught him. After offering up his own cock for Leo to suck, Peter is delighted that, once again, Leo is taking the lead. The muscled jock lubes up, sits on the chunky twink’s cock and rides him like an eager hound. Peter’s a quick study and he’s soon pumping ass like he was born to do it. After placing Leo on his side and sliding home, Peter thrusts in and out of his jock hole until he blows his wad all over Leo’s washboard abs in an explosive climax.

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Pedro Piedra and Tomas Robles, Part 2

A few weeks ago we featured Tomas Robles, a delinquent serving out his time in the military rather than going to prison. His Commanding Officer, Pedro Piedra, caught him jerking off and to show him a lesson, wound up fucking his face, then attempting to fuck his ass. But his monster cock just wouldn’t go in, try as he might. Now, in part 2, we get to see exactly what Pedro does with that humongous monster cock and the cute Latin virgin twink who’s never had cock before, let alone been fucked bareback. Turns out Tomas is more than aroused by Pedro’s huge fat pinga and is determined to take as much of it as he can, whether it be bent over, straddling his C.O. and impaling himself on that massive beast, or any other position the man can think of. But regardless of where that cock is going, the twink is going to take Pedro’s seed if it’s the last thing he does! Now the big question is, will he let himself be caught jerking off the next time he’s on duty?

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